Today was a repetitive day. It started with the usual nuisance of my 8:00 o’clock alarm followed by a huge slobber from the pup. Running ahead of time, something that isn’t of  norm to my lifestyle, I had the chance to make a breakfast then went on my way to school. For some odd reason school has been an excitement to me this past week; maybe its because my classes or maybe my assignments, what ever it is I’m losing sleep over it which is getting irritating. At lunch I brainstormed, brainstormed of ideas for an upcoming film I’m working with my best friend Johanna B. It required a topic of work place safety, BORING isn’t it! We came up with an idea which we think will give us the edge to win. We created a short story around a chef who diligently  ignors the work place rules which jeopardizes his safety. After coming up with our game plan we storyboarded  the sequence and begun to cast roles. Normal on Fridays after school I have rehearsals for an upcoming performance I am in, however today they were canceled which gave me time to relax before work. Now I find myself sitting at my desk figuring out what I’m going to do for the night as it is Friday, aka WEEKEND!


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