What’s your fuel to motivation? 

Motivation has been a struggle in my life for as long as I can remeber. Being a teenager doesn’t help, however I have came up with technics to give me that drive.

Waking up at a decent hour is a major factor in your overall performance and motivation. When you sleep in, or stay in bed for a long period of time in the morning hours you develop this feeling of overexhaustion, which leads to a non motivated lifestyle. On the other hand wakeing up at a regular time, seven days a week build a routine which is a stepping stone to a motivational life style.

Routine is my number one go to when I lose motivation or feel overwhelmed. My routines are as simple as getting ready to complex as planing out my schedule on an agenda. Keeping my routines train my body and ease my mind. Having my agenda keeps me organized and on track, unless I forget to write important information in it.

Organization is my third tool to staying motivated. If my work space, my bedroom or any other living quarter are clutered  I can’t focus and in that case lose motivation. Keeping my living space organized brings a positive vibe to my presence and gives me motivation to succeed and try my best.

Finally staying positive. Staying positive and surrounding yourself with positive people gives you a huge outburst in motivation. Having a clean healthy mind removes the doubts and other thoughts that a negative mind set portrays. Sticking to a positive friend group gives you motivation to by like them, something to compare to all in which sustaines that motivational drive.

If you’re feeling unmotivated or overwhelmed sit down and think of a few tools to help you regain that motivation and free you from the imprisonment of feeling overwhelmed.


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