Happy Valentines Day ♥️

Valentine’s Day is such a beautiful day! Whether you have a loved one or not it’s a day of love. A common sentence I have heard throughout the day was “I have no date, it’s going to be such a shitty day” but that’s incorrect. It’s not going to be a shitty day. Have negative thoughts like so add to mental depression. Valentine’s Day is about giving all your love to people who deserve it, male or female it’s about showing your appreciation. If you have yet to do so, take the time out of your day and send a message to a handful of people wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day. One of my bestfriends made my day today by sending me picture of some puppies. It made my day because he knew how important dogs are to my life and that French bull dogs (the breed of the puppy pictures) are my favourite breed. Little bits of happiness or love show how important you are in people life. Another cute gesture that was given to me today were the old fashion Valentine’s Day cards. Once again it gave me a burstof fulfilment and appreciation. Spreading love is what it’s all about. Give your piece of the heart adds to the whole circle ♥️ 
Happy Valentine’s Day ♥️

Aj Marshall 


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