I Bought Fish

Going on spontaneous mall trips always end with bags on bags in my hands. I go with no intentions on buying anything and then end up purchasing the weirdest things, things that I have no need for but think are cool at the time. This time the bags were filled with water… There is an aquarium store called Big Al’s at my local mall, so due to my curiosity I went in, to see how all the little critters were doing. To me, owning fish is a fun little adventure on its own; you buy them as babies and slowly watch them grow up. It’s wired, you don’t get this emotional bond with them like you would, a dog or a cat but you still enjoy watching them and seeing what they are up to. I have always owned betta fish or goldfish but never any high end fish. So I go in the store and I’m looking around, I go past a few Nemos and the odd Dory wishing I was able to set of a sea aquarium but then arrived at the guppy section. I became fascinated, all there cool colours and patterns gave them this stunning appearance. I find a worker and start asking him questions on the species, he gives me all the answers I wanted and then he asks if I have a filter and heater. I lied and said “yeah I got the filter, but not the heater.” His response was the last thing I wanted to hear, “Ohh you’re going to need one of those. You could buy a heater now or I could show you some fish that wouldn’t benefit from one.” Sadly I go on my way to the section of the store where all the ‘ugly’ fish are kept. I call them ‘ugly’ not to be rude or disrespectful but because they are colour less they all have dull colours and aren’t that pleasant to look at. I nod my head and continue on looking at all the different species, still nothing I like. Then we come across this stunning turquoise fish, I ask “what kind are these, would I be able to keep those” and he said “yeah for sure, they would work perfect for your situation and if you decide to get a heater latter on and add other fish like the guppies then you’ll be able to.” I was soo excited! Finally a fish that I liked and was able to keep! I asked him again, “what kind are these” and he said “you will be disappointed.” They were bettas, female bettas. I sighed, I took a few laps around the store contemplating whether I should get them or not? I thought they were stunning, they were love at first sight but, they were betas, I had betas my whole life and I wanted something new! I heard a message over the PA system, “the store will be closing in 15min.” At that moment I knew, I knew that I didn’t have enough time to play this game and I went back to the man and said “sold”. “What ones would you like?” were the next words I heard. I thought about it for 13sec and said “I’ll take a turquoise one and white one.” He then offered me a deal, “how about this; three for 15 dollars instead of the original $5.99 for one.” I said yep because I’m cheap and picked my final fish. I made my journey home thinking of names for the three little guys. In the end I came up with the help of my buddy, Gimp, Riley and Adam, Adam after my two best friends. I got home and right away set up their tank. I followed all the instructions that the guy gave me and introduced the fishes to their new habitat. I now plan on growing my collection and eventually upgrading to a salt water setup. For now I get to watch my three betta’s swim and play as they make their new tank home.


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